Fal-Con Photoshoot

The photoshoot will be held after the panel to the right of where Video Games will be held.

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The Fal-Con Homestuck theories panel will be at 11 Saturday and the photoshoot will be held immediately after. I have a megaphone and I can’t wait to use it! I’ll post on here and Facebook and Twitter soon before the panel.

Please pay lots of attention to the John with the megaphone and camera!



Fantastical updates have arrived! Hurry, rush forward and check them all!

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For alabamastuck!

HHHHHHH GUYS stop being cute nerds!


For alabamastuck!

HHHHHHH GUYS stop being cute nerds!


Spread the word! heterodoxhipster on Tumblr is getting the updates for us and is blogging them as they collect them!


Please read this whole message. It is very important!

If I put a bunch of exclamation points will that make it more important?

READ THIS WHOLE POST!!!!!!!1!1!1!11!2!1!÷1

I need to make this clear for the Fal-Con shoot that NO SHIPS WILL BE TAKEN AT THE PHOTOSHOOT UNLESS YOU ASK/SUBMIT BEFORE THE CON! I’m not having it. Also, send dome panel requests! Let’s recreate some of the comic we all love.

ALSO! I /might/ bring my own camera and if the con allows us, I might do a highschoolstuck AU if I have a diverse enough character pool come to me and tell me they’re interested BEFORE THE CON.

Hey, if you like what we do here at Alabamastuck and you want to see more awesome stuff, please consider a small donation, consider being a volunteer, or drop off suggestions.

Anonymous said: who is ethi and why is he talking like he's important or something? does he work for fal con?

Ethi is a staff member of Alabamastuck, as well as friends with the chair of Fal-Con (she was our prom queen the first year of Alabamastuck Prom). The reason he is “talking like he’s important or something,” is because he’s a really trustworthy dude that I’ve asked to make the decisions for Alabamastuck related to Fal-Con, because I will not be in the state.

Plus I consider him pretty important, since 1) he didn’t volunteer for the role of admin, and took it like a champ when I forced it onto him unexpectedly, 2) he’s super tall and cuddly when you’re down and cosplays all of the heirs, 3) he takes care of people for a living. All of these things make him important, even if I can’t find a Coke with his name on the bottle. :(

Fal-Con Photoshoot

The Fal-Con phottoshoot will be help immediately after the Homestuck Theories panel. The panel starts at 11.

I want to encourage everybody to make sure to follow the twitter because I’ll be posting a location on Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook before the panel, but if you have the Twitter app you can press the star next to follow and get text alerts whenever we make posts. Or if you text “Follow Alabamastuck” to 40404 you will receive text alerts for those of you without a Twitter.

I’m also going to be telling 2spooky4rudy and cinniamon and hopefully a lot more people the location of the shoot.

When in doubt, text (205)671-8033 and you will be able to contact me directly. This is a TEXT ONLY line.


Anonymous said: Hey im going to fal and I want to know when is the phootshoot ??has it been plan yet

Riiiiiiight. That’s a thing I should post about while I’m stressing about all of Fal-Con.

I’ll make a post about it being right after the panel at an unknown location. Just follow the crowd and we’ll figure it out.


This is a comprehensive list of everything that has been going on or advertised so far for the month of October, including ride requests, cons, panels, photoshoots, and other neat stuff we figure out along the way. If you have an event you need us to add to the list, please don’t hesitate to let us know. If you’re part of our new group chats, you can tell us stuff there, too!


North AL Morning Photoshoot - October 12 at 6:45 AM, location TBA (Huntsville/Madison area), if you have ideas for location, please tell us via ask or submit (or one of the group chats)! We’ll be hunting a location tomorrow. This is short notice, but this will presumably be only the first session. Don’t worry if you can’t make it to this one!
- Be punctual or early. The best light is early light.
- Bring what you need to photograph during fog.
- Bring any props: weapons, stools, or whatever you feel is best.
- The ground will be wet. It will be cold. Pick an appropriate cosplay.

Fal-Con - October 18-19, at Montevallo High School. Prereg closes October 11!
- Homestuck Theories panel - 11:00 AM Saturday
- Homestuck photoshoot - Saturday, Immediately after the panel at some location that has not been determined. Please follow the crowd and keep up with the Facebook and Tumblr and Twitter for a location right before the panel.

Fal-Con ride request - Sarah Helu has a ride request for 2, for Saturday after the con. As I recall she lives between Montevallo and Birmingham. If you can help, message her on FB or Alabamastuck via ask.

M.A.I.con - Mississippi Anime Invasion is October 25-26 at the Oxford Convention Center in Oxford, MS.
- Panel - Ethi Courington is seeking panelists for this con, contact him on FB for info, or you could probably send an ask here and he’ll get with you!

Sloss Furnace Meet - October 31 (hoping for 7:00 PM) at Sloss Fright Furnace in Birmingham. Tickets are $17 if you prepay in advance. For more info, contact Jennifer Stephens on FB or send us an ask. She must make reservations by the weekend of October 18 at the latest, so please make arrangements to prepay with her ASAP.

—- No set date! Help with planning! —-

Trick or Treating Birmingham - People are still debating the where/when. If you have any input, please let us know, either here, or especially on Sarah’s thread on Facebook.

North AL Afternoon Photoshoot - TBA. Suggest locations and dates in the askbox or chat.

Central AL Photoshoot - TBA. I’ll let you guys know when I’m heading into town, or you can organize one independently. Suggest locations in the askbox or chat.

Getting Involved Survey - Click here. This survey is for signing up for news and notification chats or E-mails, as well as gathering a little info on photoshoot interest.