Anonymous said: Isn't september 1st a monday tho?

Yeah Ethi corrected me I was a dumb. It is next Friday

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rogueofblood2 replied to your post: “Birmingham Zoo Meetup!”:
Is this still going to be Sept 6? Was that the right day?

Yes it is, oh my gosh I left out the time and date for this! Thank you for pointing this out!

Birmingham Zoo Meetup!

We’re meeting at the zoo on September 6 at 12:00 noon.

We’ll wait in that area in front of the food place near the entrance off to the right. I can’t remember how to tell you where.
After about an hour and a half, we’ll start moving and harassing the animals until everybody gets tired, then we’ll head back to the main meeting spot.

I’ll leave my phone number on the facebook page before the meet and you can just text or call me and we’ll get you to the right spot.
Please either eat lunch before the meet or grab something in the food place they have.

ALSO please remember that we live in ALABAMA and it is HOTTER THAN SATAN’S BALLS AFTER A WORKOUT DURING THE AFTERNOON. What does that mean?

Hydrogen monoxide.
Purified dinosaur urine.
Olaf in /real/ summer.
Whatever you choose to call it.


North Alstucks

FRIDAY, AUGUST 29 at 5:00 PM at KID’S KINGDOM in Dublin Park. We will have a draw meet and strife in the park. IF IT IS SUPPOSED TO RAIN that day, we will relocate to MADISON SQUARE MALL.

- 1 Art Pad that you do not mind others drawing on (alternatively, a notebook) but you will keep!
- Drawing supplies
- Something to nibble on for dinner/box lunch
- $2 to prepay for Capture the Flag (extra donations will go towards snacks and such, or into Alstuck funds for future events)

We will provide:
- Some bottled water and light snacks
- Alstuck art supplies
- Strife weapons
- Notebooks for drawing games
- Timer

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DRAW WELL. THIS IS A FOR-FUN EVENT. We will also close in on a date for Capture the Flag and discuss locations, as well as future events.

For the Swap, you will designate one page in your art pad to rules and restrictions, or requests for what you want drawn! For instance: “Christmas themes only, no ships please, please do not use marker - it bleeds through!” Or “Draw me Davekat or Gamzee/Jane! I love stylized art, but no profanity please!” We will pass books around with a short game and you will draw, following guidelines, in the other attendees’ sketchbooks! We’ll give a good few minutes to draw each before swapping again.

Afterwards, we will hold a strife tournament. Please play safe and not too rough!

rogueofblood2 replied to your post: Attention Birmingham Area Homestucks!

Sounds amazing!! I will deff be there :) Are we cosplaying for this?

Cosplay is always encouraged! Just remember the few rules we have when it comes to cosplay in public. Horns and grey paint are discouraged, capes and hoods are iffy, and shirts and wigs are always 100% acceptable.

If you would wear it to a normal day of school or something, wear it to the meet. That’s what I always say.

Speaking of Birmingham Area Meetups…

I’ve had a couple of requests for 18+ meetups for the Birmingham area at like a bar or something, just something for our adults to enjoy time away from the kiddos. ((We still love the kiddos, but adults need adult time, right?))

I’ll do some looking around and see what I can come up with for this type of meet. It should be easy to hold it after the zoo meet at somewhere nearby, but for now, that’s going to be all up in the air.

Attention Birmingham Area Homestucks!

Hey Birmingham area people! I have not forgotten you guys and our… it looks like we’re going to the zoo? Anyway, I haven’t forgotten about that. I’m still going to host it, but it will have to be early September because I was thinking we might be able to do it August 29 or 30, but I just got a call today saying I’m moving into my apartment that day and moving has to come first. I’ll go ahead and say this will probably happen on Sept 6.
Actually, let’s go ahead and say that. Birmingham meetup September 6 at the Zoo at…. Noon? How does that sound? Give me some feedback!

Anonymous said: For the water thing, are swim trunks acceptable?


Just kidding.

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Anonymous said: Will there be a Hamacon Minicon event? Like a cosplay group meet-up?

Yeh. More info soon!

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Heyyyy we are runnin late b/c water logistics. If y’all get there first, meet up with folks and scout for a good place to play. Will be at the red bridge in maybe 25-30. There are folks out there already! :0

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