Anonymous said: Will there ever be an event involving maybe a fan-troll cosplay meet-up?

That’s not really my cup of tea, but if you’d like to plan one, you’re free to! I would also include folks as their dreamers and personal class/aspects, if you plan on holding this kind of thing, because not everyone has fan characters. I’m sure there are a couple of folks at least who would be interested.

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For those of you going to the Birmingham Zoo meetup, please look at the post again. I’ve made a couple updates to the original post!

Anonymous said: for the bham meet i think u meant hydrogen dioxide not monoxide

Well shoot, I’m feeling nice today, you can bring that too.
It was supposed to be Dihydrogen Monoxide. (2 hydrogen and one oxygen)

Anonymous said: What time's that zoo thing going to be over

The zoo meet will end whenever you get tired or at 7, when the zoo closes.

Anonymous said: For the zoo meetup, how long would you estimate the entire thing is going to take, starting at 12 and then returning to the meeting spot by (3? 4? 5?) all I need is just a rough estimate, I know people could get tired and want to go back early or get held up and take longer or whatever could happen, but I need a number to tell my ride for pickup to be able to go. Thanks

I’ll be there until closing, but we’ll return to the original meeting spot around……
4-4:30? It’s going to mainly depend on how everything goes and how energetic everybody is and blah blah blah it all depends on the entirety of the group.

Anonymous said: Hey for the bham zoo meet do you think a draw swap could be a thing, too? Because that's totally a cool thing I really like but Huntsville was a thing I couldn't do. Throwing around ideas is all

I mean, after we walk around, I say let’s goof off and do whatever. I don’t really care.
Sure, we can do a draw swap too!

Weather is clear. We will be meeting at the Kids Kingdom in Dublin Park at 5. It is at the top of the hill!

Anonymous said: will anyone be cosplaying at the Zoo meet thing?

People ask this question very often. You can safely assume that someone will show up in some manner of cosplay. For most of our meetups like this, we recommend casual cosplay. This means mostly humanstuck. (no big horns, or none at all; no skin paint)

Anonymous said: Isn't september 1st a monday tho?

Yeah Ethi corrected me I was a dumb. It is next Friday

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rogueofblood2 replied to your post: “Birmingham Zoo Meetup!”:
Is this still going to be Sept 6? Was that the right day?

Yes it is, oh my gosh I left out the time and date for this! Thank you for pointing this out!